Mess around Mayawati

Mess around Mayawati

Once a prominent voice of the backwards in the country seems to have taken a backseat in 2022 state elections. Party’s pitiful performance in state elections has overturned the very dynamics of the politics in UP. It barely managed to win 1 out of 403 seats in the recent state elections. Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) came to power in 2007, with 206 assembly seats. Its count was reduced to 80 in the 2012 elections and after that 19 in the 2017 elections. 

Let’s go through some of the significant reasons for the fiasco. 

  1. Paradigm shift– The voting pattern in state elections clearly indicates that both Muslims and non-jatav Dalits have chosen to distance themselves from the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). Muslims decided to support Samajwadi Party (SP) this time as they believed it to be the strongest challenge to the Yogi. Looking back into the 2020 MLC elections, the outrageous stand of BSP of defeating the candidate of the Samajwadi Party at the cost of supporting BJP upset the Muslims. The same shift can be seen in the voting pattern among non-jatav Dalits. BJP got 51% of the vote share, while the SP got 27% leaving behind BSP with a 15% share in the pie. 
  1. Indifferent political campaign – Party held only 20 rallies in total for the record, with minimal or no star campaigners clearly shows how reluctant it was throughout the elections. Mayawati’s absence from the poll campaigns sparked the speculation of saving herself from persecution in corruption cases. Needless to say that the opponents got the edge in this area.
  1. Social media representation – Dismal representation of BSP on social media platforms speaks all. With only 1mn followers on FB, 1518 followers on Instagram, and 24,700 followers on Twitter, it’s hard for any party to even think of making a difference, and that’s too in 2022. Party is way behind its opponents in conveying its ideology and agenda to its potential voters and core cadre. Media management is the need of the hour, especially the social media platforms. One cannot leap skyward by simply ignoring the fact that there are about 500 million social media users in India. A Party of national importance can not make a run for it by simply saying that its core cadre is intact and for the longest time. One needs to carve the balance of both to be relevant in today’s era. 

The party needs to mull over its very idea of fighting elections. After this dismayed performance, a revamping and visionary change in the party’s structure is a much-needed move from here. 


Article By: Kumar Rahul 

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